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Public Domain Resources: Finding Articles

This guide is intended to share a variety of public domain resources including: images, music and video with students, faculty and staff.

Find a Magazine or Journal Title Online with the Full Text Finder Database

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How to Locate Articles About the Public Domain

When you are searching for articles by a topic, a phrase or a person's name use quotation marks. Quotation marks will help you to search more effectively by locating an exact match of that searched topic, phrase or person's name in the library database. (You can also use this same search strategy when searching Google.)

For example try searching:

"public domain" and resources

"public domain music"

Additional search boxes can be used to add additional search terms as needed.

In many of the databases search filters can help you to limit your search by format type. Types of format(s) include: peer reviewed journal articles, magazine, newspaper articles, eBooks and multi-media.

A timeline is also often available as a filter, to help you to limit your search by publication date. Limiting your search results by publication date is also helpful if you are looking for information on a topic dealing with science, medicine or technology in fields where the most current knowledge is useful.

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