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English as a Second Language (ESL): ESL Interactive Websites

ESL/ELL Interactive Websites for Learning

American English Resources provide materials for teachers' professional development and for students in the classroom. Find classroom activities, audiobooks, MP3s, videos and pedagogical material to assist in learning English as a second language. Students can also explore American culture through various materials. Resources include popular American classics, in-house publications and links to U.S. government websites and podcasts.

Collection of recorded books, novellas, short stories, speeches, and songs with read-along text.

Includes vocabulary lessons, listening quizzes, and study guides for English Language Learners.

Includes over 1,000 conversations and scripts for beginning, intermediate and advanced English
Language Learners. provides educational resources for English as a Second Language Students to improve their listening, speaking, grammar, and vocabulary skills. The quiz activities and lessons are created by teachers, and are free to use in class, lab, or at home.

English Interactive provides activities for speaking, listening, reading, writing and more.

Included are exercises for all English learners including online grammar exercises, vocabulary videos, pronunciation exercises, and interactive quizzes for beginning/ intermediate/ advanced learners.

This web site is for people studying English as a Second Language (ESL) or English as a Foreign Language (EFL). There are quizzes, word games, word puzzles, proverbs, slang expressions, anagrams, a random-sentence generator and other computer-assisted language learning activities.

Free ESOL Websites listed by New York Public Library: These general ESOL websites offer many types of activities (grammar, listening, pronunciation, vocabulary, reading, etc.) for language learners of all levels.

Early-literacy practice for English Language Learners.