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This guide is designed to help students find, explore, and use Poetry-related materials for their projects, papers, and research. Use the tabs at the top of the page to navigate to each section.

If you have any questions or get stuck, please contact a reference librarian at Bradner Library via phone (734-462-4440 ext. 5316) or email (

Poetry Book Locations

Most Poetry-related books can be found in the PN area of the library.The following table gives a short overview of the areas you might find interesting while looking for Poetry books.


Class/Call Number

Russian Poetry

PG 3041-3065; PG 3230-3238

Literary History, Poetry

PN 688-691


PN 1010-1525; PN 6099-6110

French Poetry 

PQ 400-491; PQ 1160-1193

Italian Poetry

PQ 4091-4131; PQ 4207-4225

Spanish Poetry

PQ 6075-6098; PQ 6174.95-6215

Portuguese Poetry

PQ 9061-9081; PQ 9149-9163

English Poetry

PR 500-614; PR 1170-1228

American Poetry

PS 301-326; PS 580-619

German Poetry

PT 500-597; PT 1151-1241

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