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Gaming and Gamification: Databases & Web Resources

Recommended Databases to Use

Tips for database searching

  • Use AND in the search box to narrow your search. This is a good way to sift through many search results as it will look for multiple terms required for each result. Example search: Graphic design AND artificial intelligence
  • Use OR in the search box to broaden your search. This will produce more search results as it is looking for various terms deemed acceptable. Example search: graphic design OR communication design OR visual design
  • Use NOT in the search box to prevent a particular result. The following example helped find eBooks on topic, but eliminated results meant for younger readers. Example search: Graphic design AND video games NOT juvenile
  • Use an asterisk (*) as a wild card for letters in a search term. The following search result will cover video game, video games, video gaming, and video gamers. Example search: video gam*
  • Use quotation marks around search terms to produce results with those terms together, not separated. The following example found results with the two terms together. Without the quotation marks, some search results may only include the first term, some may only include the second term, and some may result with both terms being used. Example search: "Computer graphics"
  • Pay special attention to the subject terms for a particularly good eBook or journal article yielded from a search. These subject terms can help find other promising search results. 

Databases (w/ Preset Searches for Gaming and Gamification-Related Materials)

Favorite Online Resources


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